Rotary Moly Plex Hi-Temp Grease

Rotary Moly Plex are specifically designed for the lubrication of extra heavy duty off highway and mining equipments. This series of lithium complex grease, which contain 5% molybdenum disulfide, can be utilize over a wide range of operating conditions and temperature to improve productivity. Rotary Moly Plex has excellent extreme pressure and anti wear properties in addition to exceptional staying exhibit excellent structural stability. They not corrode steel or copper bearing alloys and are compatible with conventional sealing materials.


Advantages and Potential Benefits:

  • Superb equipment protection and potential equipment life extension even in sever operating conditions
  • Optimum equipment protection in high sliding mechanisms and with extended re-lubrication intervals
  • Ensure proper lubrication and protection even in hostile work environments
  • Excellent EP and anti wear properties

Suitable for use in wide range of slow to medium speed bearings where shock loads or excessive vibration is likely and there is a specific requirement for the use of grease fortified with molybdenum disulfide. Particularly suitable for applications involving reciprocation or sliding motion where the prevention of scuffing and fretting is desirable. 






Soap Type

Molybdenum Complex


Dark Grey

Penetration at 25 C

265 – 295

Dropping Point

280 – 310 Celcius